Nyton is a strategy focused design agency that gives brands value

At Nyton we look at your company’s core and culture to to bring honest solutions to your design problems. Crafting work that clearly connects with the consumer by using facts to communicate our client’s goals. We’re an adaptable agency that see no assignments as too small or too big. We don’t believe in working for but instead with our clients where we achieve our goals together, almost like an orchestra that plays the right tones. Bringing together both design and strategy to make meaningful work that matters but also goes deeper.

The Process

01. Tuning In

Together with the client we analyze and learn their problem. A process without edits where we shine a light on goals and solutions.

Discovery and ResearchUser ProfilesBrand Attribute

02. Exploring Tones

Exploring and brainstorming problem solving ideas that we visualize and present. With the clients ever present in the solutions before approving the next steps.

Logotype LogomarkIdentity DesignBrand ImageBrand Guidelines

03. Testing Tones

Going forward we keep the designs consistent and honest to the company’s core. Bringing forth final design solutions that fit both the client and strategy.

PackagingEditorial DesignDigital DesignAdvertisingIllustrationIconographyAlbum DesignRestaurant DesignInterior Graphics

04. Setting Tone

Chosen solutions will be rolled into high quality production and the customers thoroughly advised on the content. Now all that’s left, is to press play.

PresentationsStationary Power Point TemplateBannersAdvertisingMarketing MaterialAnnual ReportsSocial Content CreationSales MaterialFlyers & InvitationsBrochureWebsite

We listen, guide and create

From idea to final production, we dive in deep with our clients. Tuning in to a communication that not only delivers more but ultimately creates far reaching effects for your brand. Standing by us at all times is also an accessible wide network of partners with broad skillsets to fill in the orchestra at any time.